Villa Maya Private Natural Reserve "Jungle Hiking Expedition"

Cozumel's Villa Maya Private Natural Reserve is located in Isla Cozumel Mexico and its objective is to conserve the natural resources and protect the environment. It is located 15.5 km outside the town San Miguel in the center of Cozumel Island Mexico.

Villa Maya Natural Reserve Cozumel provides services and facilities for eco – tourism enthusiasts, and have the opportunity to enjoy your own hammock in a Mayan hut or cabañas. It also map of villa maya natural reserve of mayan culture and ecological education expedition for sightseeing jungle tours and adventure excursions in cozumel island mexicoencourages wild life management and environmental education programs in Cozumel to increase the ecological awareness among the Cozumel locals, Cozumel visitors, and Cozumel cruise ship passengers traveling or vacationing in Cozumel Mexico. It offers a unique opportunity to take this Cozumel expedition and Cozumel adventure jungle hiking excursion to visit the tropical jungle of the ancient Mayan culture and all different habitations for Cozumel vegetation’s within the center of Cozumel Jungle.

This Cozumel jungle hiking expedition of Villa Maya Natural Reserve has a wide variety of tourists villa maya village natural reserve of mayan culture and ruins of tropical jungle expeditions and adventure excursion tours of cozumel mexicoconsidering its diverse expedition and excursion activities that accomodates almost all travelers' interests, especially those with a passion for the environment, wildlife, and be able to experience magnificent sights of Cozumel that not many people get to witness. Cozumel's Villa Maya Natural Reserve Jungle Hiking Tour Expedition and Mayan culture adventure excursion of Villa Maya requires reasonably good physical condition to be able to explore this spectacular learning experience of Cozumel’s tropical environments to journey into the ancient Mesoamerican, Mayan culture.

Villa Maya Natural Reserve in Cozumel Mexico has several facilities to offer its guests, among these are the following: Entrance/ assembling area, dining area, villa maya village jungle hiking tour for mayan culture educational tour of cozumel jungle in cozumel mexicorestrooms and showers, Mayan cabañas or huts with hammocks, bonfire, signs showing the way and directions, signs indicating tree-species and their Mayan use, 10,000 meters of hiking trails at the tropical dry forest, mangroves and beach within this stunning Island of Cozumel Mexico.

Villa Maya Private Natural Reserve Cozumel takes up 16 hectares of land, villa maya natural mayan reserve expedition tour of adventure jungle excursion in isla cozumel mexicoprimarily of tropical dry forest in which it can be differentiated as diverse plant relations like: medium tropical forest; low tropical forest whit flooded areas; orchids zone; cenote, palm of Nacax zone (Coccotrinax readii); bromeliads zone, secondary vegetation; Milpa or farming zone. For a full site description click:


Villa Maya Natural Reserve Cozumel has a Mayan cultural heritage that the ancestors left behind in Cozumel, come take a journey to experience Cozumel’s Mayan cultural and archaeological expedition adventure jungle tours. It’s a shame because these private natural reserves are usually unseen by the regular Cozumel island visitor, who are missing Cozumel's real beauty and hidden secrets of Isla Cozumel. These expedition tours of Cozumel villa maya natural reserve of mayan culture and adventure jungle expedition tours and educational mayan excursions in cozumel mexicojungles are absolutely fascinating and truly soothing for instance the jungle produces a pleasant cool gentle breeze that feels amazing with the hot tropical weather and absorbing serene sounds of harmonious birds blended with the marvels of wildlife, plants, and trees creates a truly relaxing experience. It is also the safest way to journey into the tropical dry forest of Isla Cozumel.

The private natural reserve of Cozumel originated as a conservation project that evolved into a research and an eco-tourism project. This has facilitatedvilla maya private natural reserve expedition jungle hiking tour and adventure mayan culture excursion in cozumel mexico the concentration of ethical protection of Cozumel Island’s natural brilliance. Although the Island of Cozumel does not have poisonous wildlife, the following clothing is suggested for your comfort: Light hiking boots or tennis shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirt, hat. Further items are recommended, which include a small backpack, towel, suntan lotion, camera, binoculars and field guides.

Cozumel’s Villa Maya natural reserve has a program of practice to diminish negative societal, environmental and economic impacts of Cozumel visitors. cozumel mayan culture jungle hiking expedition tour for adventure jungle excursion of villa maya natural reserve cozumel mexicoRemember, you are a guest, be environmentally conscious and respect local surroundings. Leave an area cleaner than you found it. Please smoke only where it can do no harm. Stay on the trail, and do not take anything from nature. Please do not disturb wildlife or wildlife habitats. We know that Cozumel visitors who venture these private natural reserves of Cozumel Mexico are typically environmentally conscious and are aware of the ecological impact it may have if these natural reserves of Cozumel are mistreated. Thank you and enjoy your expedition into Cozumel’s spectacular tropical jungles.  





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