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"Best Reef Dive Sites, Palancar Caves, Palancar Bricks, Palancar Horseshoe and Palancar Gardens in Isla Cozumel Mexico"

Cozumel Mexico is the best scuba diving and snorkeling destination and Palancar is one of the most well-known and extraordinary reefs, and Palancar reefs are divided into four sections which are the Palancar Caves, Palancar Bricks, Palancar Horseshoe and Palancar Gardens.

Palancar is perfect for any level diver as each section is perfect for different diving levels, whether a beginning diver or expert diver. Palancar has a very deep wall dive which reaches more than 130 ft. and slopes that drop off into the dark blue. Palancar Cozumel is layered with coral pinnacles which make this reef a spectacular dive site to visit and this Cozumel reef is home to various jacks, triggerfish and typically shy turtle.


The beginning of Palancar is diving palancar reefs cozumel dive palancar reef in cozumel mexico scuba diving coral reefsknown as the Palancar Bricks, and from there it’s about three miles of caves, canyons, overhangs and magnificent gardens. Making your way through these gaps in the canyons and caves you’ll always want to be ready to catch the spectacular breath-taking sites of the underwater world of Palancar Cozumel as you’ll encounter lots of sea creatures flourishing these areas with magnificent colors, shapes, and sizes.
Palancar Horseshoe is a perfect place to start your dive as it’s a huge horseshoe shaped notch in the wall of Palancar, hence the name Palancar Horseshoe.

As you Dive Palancar Gardens it gets shallow, and makes a spectacular dive site to catch some scuba diving palancar reefs cozumel island mexico mesmerizing sights and capture some photos. Palancar Gardens sandy seabed is a good place to capture stingrays, which frequently are hiding so always keep your eyes peeled. Palancar Garden Cozumel is definitely a dive site where many people usually return and is a good beginner dive site.

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