How to Scuba Dive? Scuba Diving Guide for Diving in Cozumel Mexico

"A beginners Scuba Diving Guide on how to scuba dive in Cozumel Island Mexico of anywhere else in the world."

How do I Scuba Dive in Cozumel Island Mexico?

Have you ever dreamed of floating weightlessly like an astronaut, investigating unusual species like a field researcher, getting mesmerized by underwater sea creatures? Promos Cozumel Scuba diving Excursions for Cozumel Mexico can make these dreams a reality very simply without any experience necessary! Scuba diving with Promos Cozumel is easy and only requires a short period of training to start mesmerizing into the spectacular underwater world of Cozumel's Coral Reefs. Whether your goal in Scuba diving is to observe fish, ocean conservation, or simply meeting adventurous people, seventy percent of the World becomes accessible to you the moment Promos Cozumel teaches you the skills to breathe underwater. In fact Cozumel Island Mexico happens to be the best destination to scuba dive or snorkel in the World! Here are Promos Cozumel's easy steps to start learning to scuba dive in Cozumel Mexico.

Step 1: Determine If You Meet The Physical Prerequisites for Scuba Diving

With our contemporary advances in scuba dive equipment, medicine, and our dive training, people of all ages and sizes can safely learn to dive. Most people who have a basic level of physical fitness as well as comfortable in the water can scuba dive with our best dive instructors in Cozumel. There are, however, a few medical conditions which are contraindicated for scuba diving. Be sure to read the fitness for Cozumel's diving/ dive medical questionnaire before enrolling in a scuba diving course.

• Can I Scuba Dive? Age, Health, and Swimming Requirements for Dive Training

• Scuba Diving Medical Questionnaire

• Swimming Tests for Open Water Certification

Step 2: Choosing a Scuba Dive Operator

Choose a Scuba Diving Operator and Promos Cozumel has the best Dive Instructors in Cozumel, just check our customer reviews. While Scuba diving in Cozumel (like any sport) has some inherent risks, these risks can be effectively managed when Cozumel divers learn to check and use their gear properly and to follow the safe diving guidelines. We provide a wide variety of scuba diving courses that are available to allow Cozumel divers, to start exploring and enjoying Cozumel's underwater world safely. Promos Cozumel offers everything from discover scuba diving for those looking to learn how to scuba dive to taking our open water certification courses which certify our Cozumel divers for life.

• What Is Open Water Certification?

Step 3: Scuba Dive Gear & Diving Equipment

You may purchase your own gear but most of our Scuba Diving tours provide the equipment necessary to dive. Scuba diving is an equipment-dependent sport. A Cozumel diver needs a full set of well-maintained, properly fitting scuba gear before he can start diving in the spectacular underwater world of Cozumel's Caribbean Ocean. Our Cozumel scuba diving courses include rental gear in our prices, so it is not essential that a diver own a complete set of gear when traveling to Cozumel. In fact, many Cozumel divers never purchase a full set of gear, but prefer to rent gear or purchase only personal items such as wetsuits, fins, and masks. Of course, owning your dive gear has many advantages. Cozumel Divers who own dive gear can be certain of its fit, function, and maintenance, and are usually more comfortable and confident underwater than those who do not.

Step 4: Learn Essential Dive Theory.

Descending into the underwater environment of Cozumel's gorgeous Caribbean Sea affects a person in ways that he may not expect. To be safe and prepared to start diving, a person must first understand how diving will affect his body and his gear. A major problem exists with any open water course. Although a scuba instructor teaches his students how to react to common emergency scenarios, he cannot anticipate every potential problem that his students may face underwater. A good instructor introduces student divers to the rules of safe diving, but more importantly, he focuses on the concepts behind those rules. The goal is that scuba diving students graduate with a working knowledge of the physics and physiology of diving, as well as the ability to apply that knowledge to unexpected situations.

• Pressure and Scuba Diving

• Buoyancy Basics for Scuba Diving

• Ear Equalization Basics

• Nitrogen Absorption

• No-Decompression LImits

• Safety Stops

Step 5: Practice Simple Skills with our Cozumel Dive Instructor

After you have reviewed dive theory with a Cozumel diving instructor and obtained scuba gear, you will be able to take your first breaths underwater, but you are not ready to jump off the boat just yet! Learning to dive requires the mastery of skills such as clearing water from your scuba mask and regulator (your breathing apparatus). Promo Cozumel's certified Cozumel scuba instructor will help you learn these skills, as well as underwater communication and problem management. Once you have become proficient at using your scuba gear, you will be ready to go on your first open water dive with an instructor to explore the mesmerizing coral reefs of Cozumel.


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