Dzul Beach & Money Bar Cozumel

money bar restaurant at dzul beach and reef cozumel mexico  

Cozumel’s Dzul Beach offers a great new restaurant and bar called the "Money Bar" and Dzul Ha Beach is about a 10 minute taxi drive from downtown San Miguel or Cruise ship piers.

Dzul Beach Cozumel is great for drift diving and snorkeling and both call the beach something different, as an experienced Cozumel snorkel expert and people familiar with this Cozumel beach may consider Palmar Beach as Dzul Ha Beach or Cozumel drift diversmoney bar restaurant at dzul beach and reef cozumel mexico may call Palmars Beach Cozumel reef and wall dive as Las Palmas. The Cozumel beach is so spectacular and recognized it was voted #1 Snorkel spot in the Caribbean by Skin Diver Magazine in 2002. Dzul Beach Cozumel is still the most pristine Cozumel snorkeling areas in Cozumel Mexico even though 2005 hurricane has destroyed most of the reef..

There has been development by the National Marine Park to help protect the shallow growing corals by placing shoreline barriers that will also direct snorkelers to specific walk ways into the water. There have been over 50 artificial reef sections installed to increase the growth of the coral reef at this attractive Cozumel beach and remarkable eye-catching Cozumel reef. dzul beach snorkeling at money bar restaurant cozumel mexico






Money Bar Cozumel offers a lot of entertainment and awesome food. Every Sunday there’s a big crowd of people who flock to Money bar for most of the day but mainly at night when they have Cozumel's famous band play at 7pm. It’s a great place to kick back and relax and enjoy Cozumel’s gorgeous sights as well as its pristine snorkeling or scuba diving, in which it makes a great entrance for shore diving. If you’d like to get more information on self-guided shore diving on your own in Cozumel or maybe take a self-guided snorkeling tour on your own, make sure to visit our money bar restaurant at dzul beach cozumel mexico bar and restaurant imageCozumel guides which takes a closer look at these two subjects and provides a detailed guide on each to help you learn how to and stay safe while saving some money. Visit our links below to read the Cozumel guides and start exploring this gorgeous and safe island on your own.





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