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"Complete Guide for Beaches in Cozumel Mexico"

As you may have already learned Cozumel Island Mexico is ranked #1 for scuba diving & snorkeling, because of the magnificent coral reefs that can be seen so clearly due to Cozumel’s crystal clear water that has visibility of up to 150 ft. It’s been reported to have visibility of up to 200 ft.  Whether you snorkel or scuba dive, it doesn’t matter because once you see the sights of Cozumel it will honestly take your breath away.

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Cozumel Beaches are the most mesmerizing spectacles of the world. Cozumel beaches have white soft powdery sand that compliments the alluring crystal clear turquois Caribbean ocean. People from all around the world come to Cozumel Mexico to get lost in its absolute tranquility and magnificence.

There are so many beaches in Cozumel to choose from and unless your vacationing for months there isn’t enough time to experience each one. We have created a Cozumel beach guide and Cozumel beach chart to help you narrow down which beach you would like to venture during your splendid vacation to Cozumel. Thank you for visiting our site and please support our cause to help visitors and locals become more interactive with Cozumel Island Mexico. We need to get Cozumel tours & Cozumel excursions booked for us to continue to provide these great Cozumel guides, articles, and event guides. We have the lowest prices available for our Cozumel excursions and Cozumel tours, so why not save your time and money to help you spend your Cozumel trip the way you like.


Playa Uvas Beach Cozumelplaya uvas beach pass all inclusive chankanaab park cozumel mexico

Playa Uvas Cozumel is the most spectacular beach in Cozumel Mexico. Playa Uvas Beach Cozumel has a large restaurant and bar which offers a very unique menu including many types of seafood. Playa Uvas Cozumel is open from 9am-5pm and the entrance fee is about $7 for adults and children that are under 12 are free.

Playa Uvas Beach Cozumel has a amazing pool with an lounge style seating area situated outside that has large sofas with plenty of shade provided by the coconut trees. Playa Uvas Beach Cozumel has lounge type mattresses, lounge chairs that are perfect for a relaxing Cozumel beach day.

Playa Uvas Beach


Passion Island Beach Cozumel


isla pasion cozumel passion island beach cozumel mexico

Passion Island Beach Cozumel is the most fantastic beach getaway on a private island for an unforgettable day of relaxation like never before on this piece of mesmerizing island called Isla PASIÓN Beach Cozumel. Our Passion Island Beach all-inclusive package includes transportation food buffect, open bar, and beach activities and games. Passion Island Beach is one of a kinf place in the world with its unique white powdered sand and crystal clear calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, youll be able to relax and treat yourself to the best private island getaway ever, in Isla Pasion Beach Cozumel (Passion Island Beach Cozumel).

Passion Island Beach


Paradise Beach Cozumel

paradise beach bar and restaurant, beach floats, beach activities and games in cozumel mexico

Paradise Beach is Cozumel Mexico’s best beach for having fun in the sun or taking a break in the shade. This Cozumel beach has absolutely everything you could possibly want to do and there’s no entrance fee. Paradise Beach Cozumel has a huge pool that’s absolutely mesmerizing with the sights of the stunning Caribbean ocean with a giant palapa right before the pool which has the bar situated right underneath.  

They are Located about 5 miles south from the International Cruise Ship Pier in Cozumel.  We also have free Internet at the bar and a lot of extra activities available as: parasailing, wave runner rentals, banana boat rides, hair-braids, temporary tattoos, and heavenly massages on the beach. Dont miss out on this one of a kind beach getaway at Paradise Beach Cozumel.

Paradise Beach Cozumel


Playa Corona Beach Cozumel

Playa Corona Beach Cozumel is one of Cozumel’s oldest beaches and Playa Corona Beach Cozumel has always been a popular Cozumel scuba dive spot and Cozumel snorkeling destination for Cozumel vacationers because of its mesmerizing crystal clear blue waters and spectacular coral reefs. The restaurant is situated under a palapa with authentic Mexican food from the family who has owned the Cozumel beach area for more than 30 years.

This Cozumel beach known as Playa Corona Beach, is a great relaxing location to get away from the crowds and enjoy the day soaking up the sun and either snorkel or shore dive in Cozumel Mexico.

Playa Corona Beach


Playa Bella Vista Beach Cozumel

playa bella vista beach cozumel coral reefs

Playa Bella Vista has a gorgeous long stretch of iron shore beach which is magnificent for snorkeling on your own or with a tour in Cozumel and is a very popular Cozumel beach location to snorkel and to go diving. We have snorkeling tours, snuba tours, resort courses and other Cozumel water sports activities to choose from.

The Cozumel reefs are absolutely spectacular and whether you want to snorkel, scuba dive, or snuba there will always be rental equipment available for you to enjoy. You can always book your Cozumel scuba diving tour or Cozumel snorkeling tour or excursion online with us for the lowest prices available to help you save money on your Cozumel trip as well as help support our website so we can continue to provide you with Cozumel informational guides and articles about Cozumel Island Mexico. Playa Bella Vista Beach Cozumel is an absolutely magnificent Cozumel beach location to enjoy a nice day of snorkeling or scuba diving Cozumel Mexico's most mesmerizing coral reefs in the world.

Playa Bella Vista Beach


Playa Caleta Marina (Paradise Reef)

beaches in cozumel beach guide in cozumel mexico

Its said Playa Caleta Marina (Paradise Reef) was first founded by pirates. The Cozumel beach is open daily from 8am-5pm and is located inside Marina Caleta on Carreterra Sur, on the right side of the Marina.

 This beach is directly in front of Cozumel’s famous Paradise Reef which has lots of freelance  divers instructing without being charged an access fee for the beach since it’s one of the last places they can go.

Playa Caleta Marina Beach & Paradise Reef


Dzul Beach | Money Bar

money bar restaurant at dzul beach cozumel beach

Cozumel’s Dzul Beach offers a great new restaurant and bar called the "Money Bar" and Dzul Ha Beach is about a 10 minute taxi drive from downtown San Miguel or Cruise ship piers.

Dzul Beach Cozumel is great for drift diving and snorkeling and both call the beach something different, as an experienced Cozumel snorkel expert and people familiar with this Cozumel beach may consider Palmar Beach as Dzul Ha Beach or Cozumel drift divers may call Palmars Beach Cozumel reef and wall dive as Las Palmas. The Cozumel beach is so spectacular and recognized it was voted #1 Snorkel spot in the Caribbean by Skin Diver Magazine in 2002. Dzul Beach Cozumel is still the most pristine Cozumel snorkeling areas in Cozumel Mexico even though 2005 hurricane has destroyed most of the reef.

Dzul Beach & Money Bar Cozumel


Punta Morena Beach Cozumel

punta morena beach bar and restaurant cozumel mexico surfing in cozumel

Punta Morena Beach is definitely a favorite location for surfers as the waves are amazingly pristine and steady and Punta Morena is one of the few places you can still rent a boogie board or surf board in Cozumel. Isla Cozumel waves average around 4-6 feet maximum and are large enough for some good surfing or boogie boarding at these gorgeous Cozumel beaches. This Cozumel beach frequently organizes surfing events for Cozumel island participants during the peak of the season when there are good waves.

Punta Morena Beach Cozumel










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