What does Cozumel Mexico have to offer?

C ozumel Island Mexico is like no other Island and many agree that it’s the most stunning and fascinating vacation destination in Mexico. Cozumel Island is the # 1 scuba diving and snorkeling destination in the world with its magnificent colorful coral reefs. Cozumel’s reefs are a part of the Great Barrier Reef which is the second largest in the world. Cozumel has the most vivid white sand beaches that are joined with the utmost brilliant crystal blue water seen in the world. Cozumel weather is absolutely extraordinary since the temperature is constantly warm and sensational all year round with remarkable ocean temperatures of no less than 77 F. Cozumel’s Weather isn’t the only thing that makes Cozumel the best island destination in the world even though the weather in Cozumel is a big plus.


Cozumel is actually one of the safest places in Mexico, and some say Cozumel is the safest vacation destination in the world. This is what makes Cozumel Island so unique, because safety in Cozumel gives Cozumel visitors the ability to get out of the resort or tourist areas and explore the splendors of what Cozumel Mexico has to promos cozumel logo for about cozumel and information on cozumel mexico history and culture articlesoffer. There are not many travel destinations similar to Isla Cozumel as you travel around the Caribbean. We are not discrediting any travel destinations or say they aren’t safe, but Cozumel Mexico is very tranquil and safe history to prove so. As soon as you step off the plane at Cozumel’s Airport or journey from Playa Del Carmen on the ferry you’ll feel a tranquil sensation with a cheerful vibe with gorgeous weather upon you, you’ll know why so many choose Cozumel Mexico as their travel destination and why so many make the move to vacation here permanently. LEARN MORE


Getting Around Cozumel

The best way to get around on Cozumel Island is on foot, as most of the attractions and tour transportaton are pretty centrally located. Moped rentals are popular and can use them to vertually traveling anywhere on Cozumel Island, to get to tours or excusions, or just travel to the other side of the island where there are white san beaches and crystal blue water. READ FULL ARTICLE


What to do in Cozumel?

Radiant sapphire reefs circle magnificent white sand beaches in Cozumel, Mexico's largest island, about 12 miles from Playa del Carmen on the mainland. Jacques Cousteau, in 1961 he revealed Cozumel's astonishing coral reefs and dive spots to the world on his television show. READ FULL ARTICLE


Free Things to do in Cozumel

We have came up with the greatest free activities in Cozumel. Popular attractions include Palancar Beach and Punta Molas. We strive to give Cozumel visitors and locals the most exciting and interactive things to experience on the island without having to spend money on tours or excusions. READ FULL ARTICLE


Cozumel Events

Our Cozumel Events Page & Events Calendar offers the largest listing of Events in Cozumel Island Mexico and the Event Calendar is the most interative calendar available in Cozumel. The Event Calendar allows you to share, save and get email updates, or save the event into your own calendar with Goolgle. READ FULL ARTICLE